We’ll get the sad news out of the way first. Artist Simon Sayce passed away last week at a far-too-young age, succumbing to cancer. While only the most hardcore fanboys amongst you will recognize his name, Sayce had an indelible and undeniable impact on popular culture, and on Horror in particular. It was Mr. Sayce, you see, who created the infamous puzzle box for the HELLRAISER movies. Pinhead wipes away a tear upon hearing this news, Simon. Thank you for your gift to us. In the movies, only the foolish would go messing around with that box, but for us, it held wonders.

On an unrelated topic, save for the tangential connection in the area of cool stuff you can buy–you can get a HELLRAISER puzzle box on eBay–Funko is releasing a new series of Pint-sized Horror icons. An offshoot of the company’s “Pint-sized Heroes” line, the figures will each come in a sealed package that you can’t see into, thus you’ll have to guess at what figure you’re getting. Or you could try to fondle each of them, to make out the shape of the figure you want. Or you could pull out your pocket knife and open them to have a look-see, but stores tend to look down on that sort of thing. Or you could order the figure you desire off eBay, at a slightly exaggerated price. Of them all, I think I’m most excited about the Carrie figure, as I have versions of most all the others. But they’re Funkos, so they’re all adorable.