Father of Lies

Dear Moderator, While I will be suprized if you actually post this poem, I thought that I would give it a try anyway. It is the darkest stuff I have. I dare you to post this poem.
I wrote this poem because at the time I was being tormented by
evil spirits and I wanted to in a manner of speaking get a confession from Satan,
to know what he was really like. To capture his “essence.” As I wrote it, it was as if he were speaking right in my ear. Enjoy!

“Author of Sin”
I’m the author of sin, the father of lies.
I hate myself. I want you to die.
I am consumed by my own hate,
my lust and rage for your life.
It’s my condemnation.
Envy is my companion and there is my brother jealousy.
Why do you ever trust me?
Don’t you know that I seek to devour you eternally?
When will you ever have enough of my emptiness?
You think that you can consume me,
but in yourself you are lost.
I am the one that is eating you alive.
Can’t you hear me screaming at you?
“I hate you! Die, die, die.”
That is my scream from Hell.
If you listen to what I say,
then you will die every day.
I’m deceived by my own lies.
How I burn to keep you blind.
My seething fury is building scales on your eyes.
I tell all who will listen; I have the truth.
But I’m full of empty promises.
Yet you still give me your all,
just to die for my wretchedness.
I will become anything to you so that I appear as your friend.
The truth is that I will betray you to no end.
I crave your misery; your sorrow is my joy.
I love it when you hate yourself too
because then you become my toy.
As dark as I want to be,
don’t you see that I’m never wrong?!
I’m not guilty!,
But I hate you more because I’m diseased.
There is no comfort where I am.
I will die eternally.
If I stall you long enough and tell you not to fear.
Perhaps you will never see that I hate you with a fiery passion
and that to live for me is eternal destruction.
Close your eyes; close your ears.
Please don’t listen to what I say.
For I am always trying to kill you now and
if you are willing,
I will take you to be with me to die eternally.

By dawaco03

You would not believe me if I told you.