ok so i dont really know what im writing or how im feeling i just had this urge to write… im not the best writer but i just want to write and write about nothing at all…

ive been clean off drugs… except weed for a 6 months and im starting to get back into them im feeling myslef slide back into my old paterns and the old feelings of hate, pain and death… im not really sure what to do or if i should tell ne one about this im not sure how to deal with ne of this ne mroe and im not sure that i can get through it again… im falling…


  1. You got a problem. It almost sounds like a cry for help. Are you evil or not? If you are, get it together and start kickin’ ass and takin’ names. If not, you know getting high is not the solution to licking a drug problem. You sound like you want help. It’s up to you to get it. It’s a phone call away, that’s the start. If you like your problem, by all means do nothing. you are nothing but more meat for the other meat eaters that way. So there’s your choice. Choose to be in control of you or be food.

  2. I’m going through the same thing. You need help. I suggest that you tell a few close friends or go see a therepist. I have one and she has helped me imensely. You need to get out this habit, it will eat away your insides. Trust me, I know. I have had so many friends die because of drugs, dont do that to yourself. Get help like I am, trust me, you will feel alot better. And if its the people you’re hanging out with, stop spending time with them, or get them to quit with you. The first 2 months will be hell, but if you want to get better, you will ahve to go through it. You’ll like yourself alot better if you quit. Trust me.

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