Feeder of Life

In the darkness
All alone
A forlorn shadow
To never be known

No emotion showing
On his apathetic face
The masochist this world created
A portrait of death’s embrace

Scars running down his arms
Like a seething fall from grace
Oblivious to the sorrow inside
Yet in his soul pain doth reside

Eyes like tarnished jewels
Taking in all around him
Sadistic Soul; Bathed in sin
A cloak of dread surrounds him

Dreary eyes of suicide
Hide in a wilted garden
Deep inside the graveyard lies
A tormented shadow disgarded

Then lo’ the pale moonlight came
Tearing an ebon veil from his face
To show the festering pain
That love came to create

Living in an isolated exsistance
Death’s poetry floods his soul
His heart, dark and empty
Yearnig for feelings he would never know

With a trembling breath
He brought the knife up to his neck
To embrace the peace of death
And lay his darkened soul to rest

But ’twas only his body that died
His soul, to this world is tied
He was now a vampire, immortal
Cast to the earth, where torment would unfurl

He was evil’s greatest creation
By god himself he was forsaken
The principle of evil made flesh
Now the world would bow to him

For there were none stronger than him
Now he was blessed with this darkness forevermore,

Supreme Vampiric Evil

By Coelbren

I Like anything that has anything to do with magick or vampires