Feel This…..Please

In my life, everything I have ever said or typed I have put soo much emotion into. But no one has ever caught on to that.

No one feels what I feel as I sit and write or speak something. So I thought that maybe someone out there that reads this will feel my words as I feel them. So please….feel this.

I felt once. I loved once. The beauty of the words I wrote and spoke touched the hearts of all who read them, once. I had so much passion within me just waiting, begging to be freed, once.

Now that is all gone. I was young, innocent, and ignorant to how men and human kind could hurt me. This horrid little bastard who dared call himself a man ripped my passion from me. Now, with the beauty of my words gone, and tears still in my eyes as I sit here recalling the pain, I say to you, I don’t wish for your symathy. This is just something I needed to get off my chest, and in doing so I had hoped to regain some of what I lost. This is my first post, of many to come. This being the most poorly written by the way. I hope this made sense to someone out there, and if so, feel free to comment and tell me about it… Good Eve my dark peoples. I will speak again soon.

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  1. I guess it happens to a lot of people when growing up. We are all nieve at some point, some of us learn the easy way – some the hard way. I like you learned the hard way. I was like you, I loved to write, I love to express myself with words, i was passionate about so many things, so enthusiastic about so much. And then I fell in love. It was a love that maybe could have worked under different circumstances, but everything went wrong. It all collapsed around me. Everything I had was gone – in the biggest sense of the word “everything”. Life for the next 2 years was a living hell. All the life inside of me felt as though it had been drained away. No one bothered about me, no one helped me. My writing became less and less. I found it harder and harder to say how i felt. The few poems that came out of it were very deep and depressive, some of my best works though. Things are a little different now. I’m a lot happier. I found love else where and am so happy to have been given a second chance to love someone. I still don’t write as much, but i think over time that may come back. Maybe I’ve just lost the muse for a while. But, I’m always gonna be optimistic that it will find it’s way back.

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