Sometimes i wake up at night and just sit back and wonder.

Why is my life so full of anger?

This pain..it’s just too much to handle…

my life has been one big lie.

Nothing is real, no one is ever there.

And sometimes i think it would make everyone else happy if i just slit my wrists and end this miserable life on this fucking planet that no one gives a shit about me on.No one would care. No one exept Katie. And maybe Zach if im lucky. (Yeah, right, look at all my luck.) I wonder why i have so much pain..there’s really no one i can blame!

But if only they could see what they mean to me…maybe i want to die. Maybe i wouldnt want to end this life in this miserable world…Maybe if they cared, or at least told me they cared, maybe i would cry so bad. They’re driving me to do it. They’re driving me to kill…..

And i know some of you feel the way i do….