Fianl Embrace

Suffocating darkness closes in around her as she wanders the deserted city streets. She is lost and alone. Fear pulses through her veins. Her drumming heart echoes in her ears.

She knows he is watching. Demonic eyes peer out of the night, memorizing her every movement. She knows tonight will be the night he comes for her. She can feel his evil presence caressing her with its deep hatred toward her mortal soul.
Her footfalls echo on the pavement, quickening as she becomes frantic, searching for a place to hide. She knows she’ll be found.
Suddenly he is standing before her. He brandishes his newly-sharpened blade with a cruel smile.
She drops to her knees, crying, her makeup running down her pale trembling cheeks. She pleads for her life. This creature is the man she used to love, transformed.
His sickening smile remains as he wraps his arms around her in one final embrace and plunges the cold dagger into her frightened heart. Revenge is sweet.
He stands, licking a few drops of her crimson life from his fingertips. He turns and walks quietly away, his grin even wider than before.
He leaves her alone, bleeding onto the pavement. He leaves her alone in the dark, just the way she once left him.

By LostInTheFogg

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