I Fight. what do I fight for? every thing You can think of.

I fight for Life that has lost all meaning, I lost it long ago.

I Fight for a prison, you call it a home.

I fight For my FReedom, that was taken So many Years ago.

I fight for a family, THat dosen’t want me.

I fight for Friends that hate me. that want me dead.

I fight For other lives, So they can rest in peace.

I fight myself, to keep myself in line.

I’m Sick Of Fighting. I’m sick of this, I hate the World And every one in it. You can see it in my eyes. I rather die, then live another day. See I’m not like you. I’m Diffren’t then all of you. theres not another soul alive like me. no I’m not loved, LOve is just a word. Every one Dislikes me. I hate them all. you want me gone? I do to. because I’m sick of you. When I was walking Home today, From Mary’s house, The cold Clamed me. the Darkness Held me in It’s Strong arms. And wisperd me A song and lonieness, Death, hate and Undyeing pain. I looked into the sky, And Just wondered why. whay am I here? Am I just wasting my time? my anwers seem to disaper. When I got home,i hit the walls, then sat in the corner of my rooms for hours. I slowly looked up, and sat of my bed, leanded against my wall and starred out the window. I Watched this world pass me by. I know , that there is nothing to live for. I almost break down and cry. Some Times I feel like the Worlds on my Shoulders. every one is leaning on me.. soem times it feels like the whole world is almost Over, It feels like there only a Few moments left. inside it Drives me Crazy. my insecurities Could EAt me alive.
I almost break down and CRy. Some times I think I’m Crazy, maybe because it’s true. I keep everything Bottled up inside.
It’s burning me like Acid. this Bolder on my shoulder Gets harder to hold. this load is thw WEight of the World, Should I give up? or Suffer and live For the REst of Eternity.I can’t look into my past, It’s to painfull to see. my memories Are trying to kill me. my life is fading, sliping throughty my hands. I watch it go, But I don’t care, Cuz I’m sick of you, If death is the only way out, of this living hell, then kill me. let me die.
I hate this world, I hate my life,. i hate my family, and i hate every thing else. my family that has died, THere the only ones That loved me. like daddy. and grand Dad. But there all gone now. all those who Have been close to me, have been taken away from me. I live in a broken family, in a broken town, with a Broken Soul. and a darkend Heart. every thing about me is what you fear most. please just kill me, i don’t want to have to fight any more.