Fighting to Lve and Fighting to Die

Theres a light inside
which i shall never find
a pain too deep
for me to keep
all to myself
so please take your share

you took my heart
and handled with care
but you didnt realize
that it wasnt ment to be
and here i lay
by myslef
alone again

somethings i cant comprend
somethings i cant understand
but i try to be normal
try to fit in
but its jus so hard
dont you see the fight i put up
cant you see the wounds left
the bags underneath my eyes
it wears me out
to the point
where life is nothing but a struggle

a struggle
to live
a struggle
to die
i dont even noe the difference
i want to be alone
but i want to be surrounded
How can i be here now
wen all i want is to die

But is death wat i want
wen all i want is love
to feel liek theres someone out there
who thinks of me at nite
someone who thinks of my smile
and holds me in his dreams

is that death
no i think not
so wat is it that i want
do i want to die or do i want to live
how will i ever know which is which

pain inflicts me deeply
not so much on the outside
but wat i feel on the inside
kills me day after day

I can pretend
i can be happy
a smile on my lips
a cut in the heart
but no one knows them apart
it is my secret
but im not the only one alone

Cuz i know they have got it worse
I know im that im not alone
but jus cuz my pains not as deep
doesnt mean that theres none

So look again
my evil friends
ur not alone in this battle
for we all fight our own
and sumtimes others
but jus remember you’re not the only one fighting
to live
and fighting to die
all at the same time