This Poem was written by my mother and i found it in a notebook that i thought was mine. My mom used to be in an abusive relationship. This poem is about that relationship.

Time and Time again,
My world begins to spin.
So much fear, so much fright,
Afraid to even sleep at night.

It starts out simple, geniune, and true,
it ends with me being black and blue.
Always anger, always rage,
living as if I’m trapped in a cage.
I thought it had been a fairy tale come true,
but resentment and violence pushed it’s way through.
I thought I had found the man of my dreams,
but night after night ended with screams.
A fist to a face, what a disgrace.
Somehow I thought if I just tried, he would see
why I always cried.
Eventually I began to learn, that the pain he caused
saw no concern.
In the months to come I realized my fate,
was to sit at home and patiently wait.
I learned of the decption, and the affair,
I finally learned I could no longer care.
Security and Safety for that I clung,
Now knowing if I stayed I might be hung.
Walk away and do it fast,
Or the breath you take might be your last……………..

By Serenity ~Moon Goth~

Yes I know that my username isn't how you spell Wiccan