finally free

under poetic

As I stare at what is left,
Left of what I’ve done,
I can’t help but feel,
Finally I’ve won.

The glistening red moves swiftly
Flowing down my wrist,
Its glide resembles a cobra
With a barely audible hiss

The breath escaping my lips

My color drains, I whiten quickly,
I’ve made sure I cut it right,
And as the blade clatters harshly to the ground,
I drift into the night.

Away from the pain,
I’ve found solace in the ether,
I soar gracefully over trees,
And move into the stars, no longer tethered

These bright flaming beacons,
Burning, guiding,
Unlike the society,
They do not weaken.

I’ve left it behind,
No longer caring,
I am beyond help now,
Full chest baring.

I will look to the new dawn,
With hope and earnest
I will never remember
My unfulfilled thirst.

Alone in a good way,
Finding others on this ray
Of peace and tranquility
I am finally free.

By torch

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