Finnal Entry

This will be my last post on darkness…i think,i have over come the depression…without drugs,but with pure will power and the help from you guy’s and family and friend’s,

i have learned alot from my experiance of depression,and im not trying to rub this in your face or any thing,but i am litrally at peace with the world,as corny as it may sound,well not exactly “at peace” but happy….for once,in five month’s,it’s like tasting chocolet,for the very first time,you have to savor it,but want to engulf it,lol.I may come back,becuse i might still have that edge of depression clinging to me,like a scar.Speeking of scare’s,cutting,it does help,and the scares i will remeber as a trophy, a pass memory of getting throught this,and i hope that all of you will some time realise,that there is a meanign of life,even tho you cant find it at the paticular moment,and all of you are here for a reason,no matter how shitty life may be,just grit your teeth,and grudge throught it. to my many friend’s along the way of depression,i will never forget you,and dont worrie,ill keep in contact. my many warm wishes,blessed be!!

By ZombieGirl

Hi,your reading bout a really misunderstood child,named Emma..ya so..hope you enjoy some of my story things,take care of yourself's,bye


  1. Im happy for you and I hope things stay good but please stop in when you got some free time and say hello until then.

  2. we’re here for you if you ever need us again. good luck in the normal world.

  3. never forget darkness. once you forget the past, you are doomed to repeat it.

    best of luck to you.

  4. hmm.. my girl. The darkness is something embraced not a reclusive place. You can’t go back here whenever you want. It is a sickness, cancer clinging upon your soul. All the life and light you see today and tomorrow came from the solitary pitch black power we refuse to accept. Life is the product of darkness, and darkness is the embodiment of the ideal world free of everything but still not a reclusion. Everynight iyou’ll dream of it, wake up cold i don’t care. We are one forever, you embraced the darkness on your soul it stays till the netherworld.

    Dream much well.. and always see your true self by looking at the reflection of your favorite knife.

    Until then.. we will wait for you. Don’t ask where.

    We will wait for you…


  5. i see your point,i some time’s do come back here and read every 1’s entry’s,i most likley will be comming here on an avrage bases,but i might not be submiting any thing,just reading and commenting,i bid you a good evening.

  6. I envy you, you must be very strong, hope you come back, with a mind full joy, and not hate end depression.

    If you know anything, about that devil character(the apocalypse topic), write to my email

    until then i wish you all the joy you can get

  7. I bid you good luck and best wishes…..i just hope your will power is strong enough to surcome thetemptations of the darkness in the future…..if not, then we’re here for you….

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