How will it end? And why do we wonder? this is not just about the ending…. its about time. Please open your mind to more options than just the implyed meaning. Thank you. This is for Maddie and Caroline

Under the clouds of radioactive dust, that linger like hate?
or fire
or ice
or water
or air
as long as its with flair,
Who cares?
Not me
standing here silently………..
but filled with screams
I wait……..
like a fly on the wall
for the swatter to fall
tensed to fly but then you die (sad)
never scream,never cry
A sadistic fantasy thats all it seems
but it will come for you and me
such harsh reailty
Remember though
before you die
you and i
will probally meet
on a street in our minds
or in a dream……..
and we’ll hold hands
and smile and kiss
And then we’ll walk to watch the world end

By Nelokrista13

i like pain and sex, despair and anguish, and always enjoy a philosophical convo.