Fire…huff…I love it and I hate it.
The attraction is always there. The flame, it’s purity, it’s essence, it’s power.

I love to play with it, yet I quite often get burned. I played with it again…I got burned. I find myself stumbling on my words while playing with it, and constantly at war with why I do this. I hate it..I love devestation..It’s very nature is to demolish and destroy..yet I think I can contain and master it..only under the right circumstances can I hold this beast. Will I ever find those right circumstances?? Can I hold it? Or is it to be forever burning out of my control?? I hate the girl who holds my fire, I pray and hope that she gets burned, burned until her flesh peels and drips off of her bones into a puddle, and the pain is so excruciating that she chooses to never more venture near fire, for water will drown her and fill her lungs till they explode for her action. May she forever be in pain for causing the fire to burn me.

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  1. Fire is just like water, that is, it can keep you from freezing, or it can burn you alive. Water can drown you, or rehydrate a human body. Mix ’em together and whatcha got? Liquid Death. Tastes better than Napalm but it does the same job… Heh.

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