Follow up to: “what to do?!?”

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To those of you who havent read my “dilema” that i submitted on here, a few days back, then reading this will get you confused.So, in aid of not getting you confused, i advise you to go and read my Dilema titled “What to do?”

For those of you who did, however stop to read it, then your the ones who should read this,that is, if you want to find out what happened, not that much did.

Well, after reading everyones comments and advise about the scenario i must say it was enrapture to read what you all thought.But, i have to say i went with my instinct and i DID however txt him.I have one of those phones, Vodafone prefferbly, that when you send a txt message it sends two reports back, one saying “pending approval,” and then the other saying,”Message Delivered.” I will write what i wrote in the txt so, here goes.This is what i wrote, “BOO! I dont know if you remember me from that gothic night we both went to? Erm..I had a black top hat on, a huuuuge black 13th Century type style black ball gown, and i had a black cobweb pattern, coming down from my eyes as part of my make-up.I got your number off one of your friends(Hope u dont mind?)anyway, are u on MSN or something? Tb, Love&Darkness xxx”

So, i plucked up the courage EVENTUALLY and, txt him.I expected 2 reports back but, i only got one, “pending approval.”I thought nothing of it to be honest and, i thought in a couple of hours or so, the second report, “message delivered,” will be received to me.But, to my surprise, it didnt.FIVE days later i received a report back and, it hadnt even been sent, “message failed to deliver.” I was REALLY emotionally upset by this, i had built up my expectations up so high and, was so excited to see what reply i would get from him. So, i tried once AGAIN to send him the same txt message i sent him beforehand, to see if it would work second time around well, at least that is what i hoped would happen.But, no it didnt. SAME scenario repeated itself.Do you think it’s a sign? a sign telling me to leave them be? or that me and him arent mean to be? Im a capricorn for fuck sake so, we believe strongly in “fate.”

I need to get in contact with him and, his girlfriend regardless of my feelings towards him and, her.Me and my friend run a “wytch” magazine, for our college.It includes a little bit of everything spells, history, and music and, so on and, so forth.At the moment we are looking for a “couple” to model some of our clothes, they would be perfect.Not only are me and my friend benefiting from it but, i would be also, it would give me a chance, a chance to get to know him, a chance for something to happen, maybe. So, i was thinking of asking my friend, the one who i got the boy i likes number off, for the boy i likes, girlfriends mobile number and, then gradually get to him through that way. Personally, i would feel REALLY devious although, it is what i long for. Is that a bad thing to do? would i be an abysmal person in doing this?

I dont know why i bother writing all this down, it wont make a difference in any shape nor form to my situation!!


  1. That’s interesting, what you’ve tried to do and speaking of fate…being very determined.

    It would be better if your friend asked if he and his girlfriend would be interested in participating with having photos taken. Take it slowly, I know this can be hard but use some of that Capricornian ability to be disciplined about it and professional for the magazine’s sake, and work from there slowly up your hopeful mountain.

    As for the cell phone with no delivery, there could be many reasons including being unable to pay the bill…

  2. i still think it’s way twisted to want to infiltrate their relationship in such an uncaring and calculated manner.
    Back in the day, people saw other people’s territory and they left it alone. *sigh*.

    Personally I think your friend should call him, not yourself. For such a strong believer in fate, it should be obvious to you that if you’re meant together then you will be. All your scheming and plotting just makes you seem really cold to me. And getting to him through his girlfriend … that’s just pure evil.

    Maybe the failed message is a way for the powers that be to tell you to ‘back the fuck off’.
    You know, you still know really little about him, it probably wouldn’t even work out, and there are plenty of guys who are available and NOT somebody elses.
    Try to get some logic going, reign in the hormones …. whatever.


  3. Yeah, seriously. You’re not the brightest of people. He’s taken. If he really wanted to go for you, he would have.

    So back off. I dislike girls/guys that just mess up perfectly swell relationships.

  4. plus … the text message … it sounded seriously bimbo-like and pretty boring to be honest. spectactularly mediocre, i wouldn’t have answered it.

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