For Joshua

I know you don’t understand, just why I’m leaving you
I know the pain that awaits you now in your life too
Bad things have happened that have forced me to go
Although I can’t take you with me, I do want you to know

If someone tries to hurt you, no question, I’ll be there
When you’re made to feel alone please remember that I care
I have to leave you here now, in this broken place
It kills me to know; I’m causing tears upon your face
Your feeling abandoned, and I’m sure you are afraid
Just know plans to take you far from sorrow have been made
I know you’re a child whom coexists with drugs and is abused
Don’t think it’s your fault, that is the life your parents choosed
The judge has made the call, but it’s not yet justice for all
Until these “parents” have paid for the damage they’ve made
I have to leave you here, but don’t think that I won’t try
To convince the judge’s ruling to go against our Mother’s lie
So good-bye for now brother, and remember this one fact
You are forever my blood, and that is an unbreakable pact