for what did the war began

They have 24 hours before the bombs will fall,
They will fall on bagdad and it’s the beginning of another war
Crying in agony, the children will die,
the amarican and british shout: this land is my!

Forgotten sons will roam the streets,
Women will hide in their with blood covered sheeds,
soldiers will hunt the americain for their precious meat,
Stupid Bush thinks it’s good deed,
This will be the day of tommorow,
and from that day,
There will be more with sorrow,
The world will be covered in shadows,
The U,N will break apart,
And scattered they will sting a bomb into our heart,
Nostradamus said: 2010 year of world destruction,
Ýet this world is already blackened with corruption,
It’s a shame I have ti live and face these things,
But something else, this world doesn’t bring,
These war may be the last,
We build a comet and it strikes too fast,
I can say few about all these fears,
Nothing more, than that I have written these words with tears….