Forbidden Desires-erotica

Savine was sitting on the couch, bored as anything. She needed something to do….. or someone. She was waiting for Noel to come over. The anticipation of what she wanted to do to her was turning her on more than she could imagine. “Why was she taking so long”, Savine thought to herself. Just then the doorbell rang.

It was Noel. Just the sight of her made Savine want to rip off her clothes. She was looking so hot with her black hair tapering down the back of her dress.her words flowed from her crimson lips like a waterfall. She had to kiss her.

Savine garbbed Noel and kissed her so pasionately. Making her want her more than she had before. God how she wanted her. Without breaking this sweet imbrace, Savine led Noel to the bed. Breaking the kiss Savine pushed Noel on the bed behind her.

“I’ve been waint for you.” Savine whispered into Noel’s ear. The feel of her hot breathe on her ear turned on Noel.

Savine felt Noel’s pale fingers move tot eh bottom of her shirt and pull it over her head. Savine undid her bra, exposing her breasts. Noel began to take her dress off, of course with help from Savine. Now, both were bare breasted on the crimson sheets.

Savine’s kisses moved down Noel’s neck. Noel shivered as Savine’s warm lips caressed her skin. Noel felt the kisses start to move down the middle of her breasts, and then her stomach. Savine stopped when she came to g-string, but didn’t take it off. Noel shook with anticipation, wondering, what will she do next.

Savine teased her through the mesh of her panties. Licking and stroking her clit playfully. With every teasing stroke Noel moaned and gasped with pleasure. Noel couldn’t stand it any more, she had to have her inside her and Savine knew it.

Finally, knowing that Noel couldn’t stand the teasing anymore, slid off her g-string, throwing it to the floor. Taking two fingers and slid them into the wet silken pocket between her legs. Noel moaned as she slid into her. Savine used her thumb to massage her clit while she moved her fingers. The feel of Noel’s insides turned on Savine, and the more she became turned on the faster her fingers moved in and out of Noel.

Feeling that Noel had had enough, Savine slid her fingers out of Noel. “Why did you stop?”, Noel asked panting. Without saying a word, Savine spread Noel’s legs apart more than they already were, and began to kiss down her fron t again, but stopped when she came to Noel’s clit. She traced the lips of Noel’s vagina, but never touched her clit. Noel moaned and pated form the feel of Savine’s hot tongue on her.

The look in Noel’s eyes was a sign that she wanted Savine tro be in her a lot. This pity that she took upon on this pale beautiful creature made Savine laugh inside. “Please,” Noel begged, “I want you to.” “When your ready”, Savine replied.

Suddenyl, Savine herslf couln’t take it anymore then Noel. Without warning, she took her tongue and very forcefully, butplayfully,thrusted it into Noel. She screamed at the pleasure and gripped the sheets. Savine kept this pace going and sucked on her clit as well. Savine felt her body tighten and her back arc and felt Neol’s fluids flow more and pulled out of her.

Noel trembled from her very pleasing experience. Savine grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around them. She could feel Noel trembling and kisses her quivering mouth.

“It’s not over yet,” Noel whispered into Savine’s ear.

Noel’s lips touched Savine’s and thier tongues danced in each others mouths. Soon Noel started to kiss Savine faster and harder. Svine could feel her hands moving all over her body. Noel massaged Savine’s breasts and played with her nipples. Then she started to move her hands lower and lower.

Savine could feel her finger massagin and stroking her clit. Suddenly, Noel took her two fingers and slammed them into Savine. She screamed with pleasure, but the screamed was muffled by the kiss. Noel began to move in and out of Savine faster, harder and deeper. Noel bagen to kiss and lick Savine’s neck and moved down to her belly button. Then she came to her clit. Noel slid her fingers out of Savine.

“Now we’re gonna have some real fun.” Noel whispred into in her ear. As she hovered over Savine she reached in to her nightstand drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. Noel cuffed Savine to the bed and blinfolded her, making her imoblized and there was nothing she could do about it.

Savine felt Noel’s lips on hers and returned the favor. She could feel Noel’s lips move lower and lower. She began to pant more and harder. Soon she was moving to her vagina.

Savine was loving every minute of it. Unlike her her, Noel wasn’t a tease, no she liked it rough. She could feel her begin to lick and suck on her clit. The more Savine moaned the harder she would suck. Suddenly, Noel bit down on her clit playfully. Savine screamed with pleasure. Without warning, Noel forcefully pierced Savine with her tongue. She let out another scream of pleasure. Noel could feel that she was about to cum and pulled out of her.

Disappointed and out of breathe, she asked “Why did you stop?” Not saying a word Noel put her finger to hger lips and said, “Shh, don’t speak my love.” Noel reached into her night satnd drwaer and pulled out a leather harness and a velvet pouch.

Noel undid he handcuffs and took off the bandana. Savine gasped at what she saw was in store for her. Where Noel’s freshly shven skin was, there was a leather haness and in the middle, there was a flesh colored dildo.

Noel knew that Savine loved it when she used it. Savine got off the abd and pulled her by the harness. Savine got on her knees and took the dildo in her mouth. She began to suck harder and faster. Noel got so much stimulation in her clit from this that she almost came herself.

Noel picked up Savine and bent her over the foot of the bed. “You ready?” Noel asked. Savine nodded. Noel puched her way into Savine’s ass. She began to move rythmically in and out of Savine. “Fuck me harder” Savine screamed. “I said herder god damn it” Knowing what to do Noel slammed into her and almost knocked her down, but kept the pace.

After a while Noel pulled pulled out of her and threw her on her back to the bed.She spread her legs wide enough so she could enter her, and pushed her way through her wet tissue

Savine moaned and screamed her name. Without warning Savine flipped Noel on her back and be gan to ride her.. Savine moved faster and faster on Noel. Noel was getting so timulated in her clit that she bagen to moan.

Suddenyl they both let out a scream in uniscen and Noel arched her back so she can go in for the last time but deeper. Savine GOT off Noel and cruled up next to her AND later that night Savine grabbed a hold of the dildo and said”My turn”