watch you playing all your games

little dreamer singing sleaze

your masturbating to the music

your body language fucking me

breathing you like sweet perfume

that glitter voice is killing me

so damn narcotic, dizzy, godlike

your smiling drugs like extacy

sex, drugs, music fornication

spiting diamonds on that stage

coming close to that climax

against the bars of your cage

screaming moans ecstatic passion

like in throws of orgasmic peak

holding yourself like a lover

you got me so that I can’t speak

touch yourself again it’s sexy

narcissistic little creep

painfully aware and so naked

after this I’ll never sleep

addicted to your perverse gestures

wanton, exhibitionist whore

keep it coming for your fans

you always leave us wanting more

natural instincts so animalistic

imitating the porn queens

dragging me into some fantasy

drawing out those shaky screams

rough and raw your screwing me

your words are breath on my skin

beat me like a drunken lover

make me want it all again

abuse yourself drawing blood

watch the seductive way you stand

perversions of a godly stature

dreams of heat beneath your hand

listen to your depraved lyrics

tossing out those hallucinations

whore of stage and screaming children

you cause moral deterioration

fuck me from this crowded distance

painful sin of lustful desires

make me sweat and cramp my body

till we both have spent our fire

calm the song and caress yourself

smoking gun that stained the sheets

porno queen, king of passions show

you rose so well from the streets

dramatic ending for your play

I love to watch your little game

comfortable with what you’ve done

taught me sex isn’t always the same

drugged and lonely from your touch

watch you shiver when you walk away

I’d be your whore if you ask me to

sex has nothing on your foreplay