Forestry Love

It was dark out, nothing but the trees swaying in the night and the wolves howling to the moon. It was so peaceful, just me, him and a couple friends, alone, out in the wilderness roasting some marshmellows. I looked up across the fire, he looked back at me with those amazing eyes, hinting me to come over.

I slowly got up and made my way over to him passing my friends who were now quite tippsy from the beer. I placed myself next to him, feeling awkward at first, fidgetting with my sweater trying to get up the confidence to ask him to fuck me. ” Want some?” he asked as he reached for his beer, i shook my head saying”sorry, I don’t drink” at that momnet I relaized I probably sounded like such a geek saying that to him. ” That’s cool, it’s good we have someone who is sober.” he said giving me such a sexy wink that all i wanted to do was throw him to the ground, rip off his close and fuck his brains out. Okay I knew I wanted him now, I needed to have him, I slowly went it for a kiss, he first was started but gave in. He carressed my tounge with his, doing circles inside my mouth. He than started to play with my hair, not so roughly but enough to make me quiver. He pulled back, I was confused but all came together when he motioned towards the forest. I followed him, I’ve wanted this for so long. He picked up a blanket from the tent and continued towards some deserted forest area. We finally came to a spot, it was beautiful, I full view of the stars. He laided down the blanket than got on it hinting me to join him. I gradually made it next to him and looked up at the sky. “Amazing huh?” he asked. “Absolutely amazing.” I replied with pure amazment at what we were looking at. ” But it’s not as amazing as you.” as he said that I was wisked away into his arms, him kissing me so tenderly. His fingers ran down my spine, making me quiver and moan. He than reached my bra, with a quick motion it was undone and he was left carressing my breast and nipples. I rolled over onto him, looking at him while I undid his shirt, button, by button untill I finally was able to feel his warm, firm skin. I started suck and kiss his nipples, going from one to another. Slowly inching towards his belly button where there I could feel his muscles, they made me ache for him. As I kissed his stomach, feeling him quinch underneath I undid his pants unveiling his large erect cock. I was yearning for it, I knew it was yearning for me. I slowly started licking the sides, teasing him when I got to the top. I than knew he wanted the full show as he started pushing up his pelvis, so still teasing him I started to lick the sides more playing with his balls. He was going crazy now, he wanted me sooo badly. I came up “are you ready? I asked. He nodded his head really hard with his eyes closed. I went back down, I stuck that enormous cock in my mouth, giving it everything I got. I first went slow, but sucking it hard, real hard, than I went real fast, deep throughting it everytime it came back in my mouth. He than pushed me where I was laying down and started licking me, I wanted to grab on to something it was so good, I wanted to scream out his name. He licked my clit while his fingers were helping out, I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted him in me. I pulled him up and told him to fuck me. He got out his big cock again and slowly started to rub my clit with the tip of his dick. I was moaning for him,he knew he was teasing me, he liked it. Than with one big force he stuck it in me, my chest raised as I let out a scream. It hurt so much, but felt so good. He began pounding in and out so hard, with each in I let out a moan, he looked at me and smiled “you like that?” he was going really hard and fast now, I just wanted to burst. He than flipped over with me on top and told me to fuck me the way I like to be fucked. I started going slow at first, having that feeling of his cock inside me, and deep. Than I got a burst of energy and went back and forth real hard and fast, he was rubbing my clit, making it so much more envigerating. He knew I was coming to my orgasim soon “wait, I’ll tell you when to hit it.” I knew I could only hold it for a few more seconds. “NOW!” and all at once our orgasims hit and it felt like millions of fireworks had set of in my cunt. We both just collapsed and fell into eachothers arms, finally doing what we have earned to do for the past 2 years. We took one last look up at the night sky, knowing it was our last night at camp, than all at once we fell into a deepsleep into eachothers arms.

By Captainess Howdy

Come to realize it, if you are reading this you probably are interested in me. Well I'm a what you call a normal teen, with some side effects gone wrong. Oh right.. well I love animals, no beastiality shit. Lastly to conclude.. I like punk, ska punk.