I can sit here forever , forgotten , my baron soul – hollow – like a knife forever scraping the walls of my meek exsistence and I can see the dust gathering on all the shit the world has told me matters , I realise they lied , disgusted at my niave shock – life – I’m haunted by the ever-growing tick of my body clock , haunted by the ever-turning seasons outside my window, haunted by memories of you – forever – No tears seep from my eyes , no words spill from my lips – I’m forever interwined – forever inside my frotress of torment , prisoner of my own mind – I will see until my eyes blister and bleed – I will go blind but I will not die – I will be haunted by one more thing until I am nothing more than any of you are , rotting flesh hidden behind a mask of shallow denial – you will smugly pity me because I can not see your pitiful world – but your so blinded by your own fears of being different that you forget to think – forget – you do not understand , you could not comprehend and no words that posses could explain – solitude – what is to become of me ? trapped inside this wasteland of discontent spirits – I see myself lost here within forever – my life before me , my life that was – although it does not cease – I do not grow , I do not change , clouds roll over the blue sky – black rolls over the blue – I’m within myself again – my body of superficial youth – and I am lost … forever