Forever Perfect

I can see your head, hanging;
tied with chains and leather
on your hands and feet.

I just remember how I got you there.
It felt so good while I tortured you.
You were so beautiful.

Your gorgeous light brown hair,
Your hands, so delicate, innocent.
Those deep eyes I stared at every time I could.

Your nose, so aesthetic;
So perfect with your precious lips.
Oh! So amazing have you been and are.

I remember every time I saw you.
I would always think,
“she is so gorgeous”

You were always like a Greek goddess to me.
“afti ine toso orea”,
you are a reflection of Aphrodite.

I see the most beautiful soul when I look through you.
Aphrodite created a human perfection of beauty,
That human perfection, is you.

But the only problem…
Your apathy and selfcenterness.
I did not wanna do it, but I had to.

I needed a way to make you mine.
And this was the only way around it.
There was nothing I could do to help my desires.

I don’t regret doing it.
Now I have you,
and you have me.

I will see you there as a goddess.
And I will stare at you and come to a conclusion;
you are just perfect.

I am sorry I made you suffer,
But the results are worth the media.
I’m sorry I made you drunk.

I’m sorry I gave you morphine.
I could see your tears falling.
So beautiful, so vulnerable.

I am sorry I used a sword.
I am sorry I used a battle ax.
I am sorry I used a mace.

Your blood was so tasty.
Your skin tissue was a cover
of the most wonderful part of the body.

After tasting all your muscles.
After drinking your delicious liquid.
After all.. I could admire it.

The main structure that makes up your wonderful body,
Your bones…
So precious, so amazing.

I tied them with chains.
I tied them with leather.
And hung you on the roof.

And I see it there,
And contemplate it.
And love it more every second.

Now you are mine.
And I love you.
And you will be forever perfect.

By darklife

does any body really care?