Only once had you looked at the world from shallow eyes,
Only that one time did you feel the strong tranquility rush upon you as you remember your once forgotten past.
Let alone they will never forgive you,
The begging and pleading you remember yourself dispossessing as to shortly find out your lips were locked with no words with a clear escape.
You’ve fallen so far behind, your eyes no longer see the path of redemption you longingly pushed yourself to acquire.
You have quickly discovered the life in which you bare your problems on,
The honor unto which you have brutally shattered,
The love in now which has no meaning.
You discovered there is no such as to be mentioned.
None of this exists, all in which you live for has been forgotten.
Darkness covers over your once meaningful life,
As you pray on the last breath you quickly diminish.
Love is hate in strong disguise,
And thus you can only realize the truth,
If you’ve been eternally forgotten.

By DarkenedAngel

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