I’m just a dark shadow, no one sees me anymore.. I am just an forgotten soul, know one knows me anymore.. I cut my flesh, to see that I am alive.. But I find it painful, and see that I become more forgotten to this world.. Why are you staring at me like that? Fuck off!! Don’t talk to me… You don’t see me… You don’t know me!!!! No one does!!!

I look back at pictures of the past, pictures that aren’t forgotten.. Pictures that almost died in my own flames of rage.. I see a little girl, with her family, so happy… With that bright like shining at her and her family… She was fucking happy… No worries, everyone knew her.. They loved her, but not me… I’m forgotten, not her…

That little girl… That little girl was me…. Yeah, so I’m goth now… But I’ve found my place now!! So don’t look at me like that!! Don’t you even remember?! Guess not.. I’m forgotten, know one knows me anymore.. Am I a monster? You wanna call me a monster now?!

I’m forgotten, no one knows me anymore… So what, I’m not that little girl anymore, but people grow up.. Why won’t you accept me?! So what I gaved up on god, know what.. The devil also, no such thing, fiction some idiot made….. But because of all this, you all forget who I am!!!!

I’m a goth chick, trapped to live in this world… So what?! I’m just a person, just like you!! Yet you treat me like shit and act like you forgot me… Oh I forgot, you did forget who I am… So? Fuck off, don’t talk to me!!

Ow!! It hurts!! Now I see I am alive, but now it hurts even more.. Why forget me? Why do I have to be the forgotten one.. So what, fuck it.. Ow, there goes the pain again.. So what, you don’t care, you don’t even know me!!! You don’t know I’m crying…… You don’t know I’m in pain…. But do you care?!

I’m all alone… These paraniod feelings… Their back to haunt me!!! I’m forgotten, you don’t even know me!! What, you wanna dim my pain? Fuck you!!! Like you said, I’m forgotten, know one knows me…. So fuck off!!! You made it like this, so leave me alone… No one knows me!!!!! I’m forgotten, even to myself….. The feel the shadows call my name, whispering…. These paraniod thoughts again… Am I dieing? So much blood, I’m forgotten…. No one knows me, they won’t know I’m gone… So then the darkness devours me….. Making me more forgotten, see, no one knows me…. They didn’t even know I was here…. So much pain… So alone……… I’m forgotten, no one knows me…. Not even myself……………..

By The Rape And Ruin Of Angels

I am a gothic rocker, living hell, betrayed by love, I am now a misstress of many faces.. My nickname is Vampy, and I love to read stories about vampyres.. I call myself a vampyre, that is because I to drink blood, and enjoy the night.. [damn the sun] I do not believe in god nor the devil.. But I do believe that there is a ruin of heaven and fortress of hell... The meaning of life to me is the beginning of death, in order to live you gotto die... That is my own saying, I am my own person, I build my own personity.. I am myself, no one else.. I enjoy writing poetry and stories, to me, its a dream I dont want to wake up from, cause I cant stand this world.....