Forsaken Angel

Tear off my wings
For I cannot fly
Bring death unto me
For I deserve to die

What I have done
Is unforgivable
I have broken a heart
And murdered a soul

Open my chest
Bury your hate in my heart
Don’t be afraid
For I never shall part

This hell here on earth
Is unbearable to me
My ears cannot hear
And my eyes cannot see

I am living a dream
Or shall I say a nightmare?
I can’t see where I’m going
And what will happen when I’m there

So stab your stake through my heart
And bear your cross in my eyes
Let me finally be free,
Free from this life of lies

By Audrienna

I write, I sing, I dance, I act. That is my life. Often I feel very alone and much of that comes out in my writing. You'll probably notice that. Sometimes I feel like I have nobody, not even myself. That's when I write the best. So most of my stuff will probably be depressing and melodramatic. But deal with's just how I am.