Fragile Home – Final

So, now here comes the final version of our “Fragile Home” poem-project. Hope you like it.
I like it and I guess the other both like it aswell, as they kind of did the most 🙂

I want to build a fragile home
out of my shattered dreams:

The haunting entrance…

Walls of glass and ragged chrome
bleeding out of tattered seams –

1-800-SUICIDE smeared to the wall…

A locked gate of broken promises
and a garden of unheard screams.

Unknowing prey…

A memory to haunt lost corridors
and a chandelier of burdened lies –

dripping down – staining all, unseen…

Velvet curtains to conceal the truth
and an air of love that dies.

Finally found what is to be hid…

A hearthstone that always burns away
all what you once held dear.

Those stains on your heart resmouldering…

And an empty closet
to hide what you most fear.

The exit like the unfound stop-sign in life…

by me *g* – CheshireGriffinx – MourningStar2002