Robert Englund has now gone on record saying that he is “too old” to again play Freddy Krueger. I call bullshit. If ever there was a character where the age of the actor doesn’t matter, it’s Freddy Krueger. Underneath all that make-up, the guy could be in his twenties or in his seventies. We’d never know, just from looking. And it’s not like Freddy is a role that would call for lots of physicality. Robert Downey, Jr. is fifty-something and still playing Iron Man, a part that DOES require lots of physicality. But as Downey sagely put it, “the suit does the heavy lifting.” Likewise, a stuntman would handle all the really physical stuff. Today, what with the things they can do with CGI and all, it wouldn’t even matter if Englund were confined to a wheelchair. It’s his face, his voice, and his acting that bring Freddy to life. And those don’t have an age limit; or, if they do, Englund isn’t there, yet. Not by a long shot.

Rumors that Kevin Bacon is interested in the role, however, are intriguing. Bacon is a fantastic actor, and he can do an incredible bad guy. Reportedly Robert Englund wants to see Bacon take over the role. It COULD work, but they’d need to find some way to use Englund and have him handing off the glove to some younger, parallel reality version of himself to make it stick. Something like they did with the news STAR TREK movies, where Leonard Nimoy appeared alongside Zachary Quinto. The one thing we have to have, more important even than the actor who takes on the role of Freddy, is Robert Englund. The remake of NIGHTMARE with Jackie Earle Haley, and without Englund, proved that point.