Friday Night Fall Decay

” You can’t just do that!” my friend screams as I back up to hit the little punk that just flipped me off.
“Watch me,” I reply in a serious tone. My friend and I had been driving around for hours aimlessly. Now we had something to do. It’s not my fault really, I choose to act and look a certain way and people choose to take offense to it; its silly really.

So now i’m aiming the front of my car at the back of this kids bike (he’s chosen to try and outrun me on a bmx), but soon he found out why you don’t give strange looking people the finger. The impact was quite dull really, I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been concentrating on him, but WOW you should of seen the flight he took. I was almost jealous for a split second because I swear he must have stayed in mid-air for five to seven seconds, my friend swears he heard the boy muttering something about how cool it was. But we had the last laugh when we saw the boy mush on the concrete. I can only describe it as a dummy you would see in a cheap movie “falling off a cliff” and by the way, when you land on your head, can your feet somehow end up near your nose? Strange….. With that my friend and I agreed that we had outstayed our welcome there so with a giant chuckle and a shot of whiskey we turned around (screwing up my alignment because…well I HAD to run over the boys cranium) and shot straight forward to the foul stench of home. The strangest thing is about this whole story is that as i walked into my house, i had a tooth-ache…man…dont you just hate that.


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