Well, this sucks. First came the news a few days ago that the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH film (Is it a sequel? Is it another reboot? Is it a sequel to the reboot? Who the hell knows!) was set to start filming, but had been pushed back from its late spring release date. The latest, though, is that Paramount has cancelled the project altogether. That’s right, fans. There will now be NO new FRIDAY THE 13TH film. Not in the foreseeable future, that is. It’s impossible for me to believe that a new FRIDAY won’t get made at some point. The franchise is far too lucrative for it to disappear. We just won’t be seeing Jason again on the big screen anytime soon. Major bummer.

Some are blaming the lousy box office done by RINGS as the reason for this cancellation. I call hogwash. Jason movies have a built-in, readymade audience. Even if it sucked, the movie would have made money. Let’s face it; most of ‘em sucked and they all made money. Why, then, did Paramount pull the plug? Nobody over there is talking, but we can infer that this project must have had some major problems plaguing it. We know the movie has been a long time in the queue and there has been significant tinkering, with the script going through rewrites, and with different names attached to direct it. For whatever reasons, the studio couldn’t get the ducks lined up properly. It’s sad, but honestly, fans, it’s probably just as well. Wouldn’t we rather have to wait longer for a new Jason flick and have it be a good movie than for them to cobble something together and it be a trainwreck, even by the standards of the franchise? Jason will be back. Eventually. Hopefully it will end up being worth the wait.