If you own one of the Jason action figures from NECA, you ought to thank the courts. They just potentially made your figures a lot more valuable. There’s this damn lawsuit going on over the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise, you will recall, and it is the reason we haven’t had any new FRIDAY THE 13TH movies in so long. Thus far, though—and by this I mean right up until last week—the ongoing legal wrangling had not affected the marketing of FRIDAY swag. That has changed.

Until such time as that lawsuit gets settled, NECA can produce no more FRIDAY THE 13th or Jason merchandise. Products that were already in the development stage will be released, though, which is good. They have some FREDDY VS. JASON stuff in the pipeline. After that, though, until this legal mess gets sorted, no more NECA stuff. Which means that the NECA stuff already out should increase in value on the collectibles market. You might want to hang on to that Jason figure, and keep an eye on eBay. If, that is to say, you are one of those collectors who would ever sell one of your pieces. I don’t resell mine after I buy them. I mean, if one became, like, *really* valuable I probably would. I’m loyal to my stuff but not stupid about it.

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