Scoop! Scoop! Not MY scoop. I give proper credit to the fine folks over at iHorror, one of my favorite websites these days. It’s THEIR scoop. I’m just parroting. That’s how it should be with good news, though. It SHOULD be repeated loudly and often. Allow me, then, if you haven’t heard already, if you didn’t chance upon the iHorror piece before you found your way to this one, to share with you that JASON IS ON HIS WAY BACK!

Filming is underway in Georgia on a movie called “Forest Green.” Fans of the FRIDAY franchise will recall that this was the name with which the townsfolk chose to rechristen Crystal Lake back in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART SIX in 1986. Movies usually film under fake titles so as to keep curiosity-seekers and fanboys away from the sets. How do we know that “Forest Green” is really the new Jason movie? A Deep Throat-type insider! Also, “Forest Green” is being produced by Paramount, the parent company of the FRIDAY franchise. It seems like a safe bet that we’ll be seeing Jason again soon, but I doubt they make it in time for the next Friday the 13th, which occurs in October of this year. Maybe they’ll make it by April of 2018, which is the next time the 13th of a given month falls on a Friday.

Now let’s just pray the movie is actually GOOD…

UPDATE: Confirmed! The new Friday flick will be titled FRIDAY THE 13th: PART 13, and will be an origin story! (Here’s hoping it’s better than the LAST origin story, FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 9!)