Having just celebrated a Friday the 13th—you all did celebrate it, right? They only come along every once in a while. It’d be a shame not to commemorate them in some way. We here at darkness.com don’t recommend picking up a machete and hacking into horny, drug-addled teenagers at a summer camp—provided you could even FIND a summer camp still in existence, even if this WASN’T still January—but there are other ways to show your love for the day and the beloved film franchise that it inspired. You could, for example, get some ink. A tattoo is a great, and permanent, way to pay tribute to your favorite hockey mask-wearing unkillable (and occasionally depicted as a zombie) slasher.

Pictured here is a sampling of Jason Voorhees tattoos of varying quality. Some of them are pretty damn sweet, rendered so expertly that’s it hard to believe they are actual tattoos and not photoshopped. Others look like what your everyday non-tattooed person on the street would expect a tattoo to look like. (Check out that exquisite cover-up tattoo! And that hand! And my favorite of the collection, which is the last one on the list.) As cool as these all are, though, I have to say the one pictured above is better. Granted, I’m a little biased, as it’s mine. Yep, that’s my leg and my ink. The piece, the work of my friend, skin artist extraordinaire Rowan Mason, isn’t finished yet, but ain’t it rad! (We couldn’t keep Freddy from putting in an appearance on my thigh, too, but he was content to have only his glove indelibly etched into my flesh. Generous of him, if you get right down to it.) Hope you all had a happy 13th!