Friend or Foe

The woman gazed into the smoke from the musky incense that burned before her. She went into a trance, and relaxed her entire body. Soon, she was in a misted meadow, sitting under an elm tree.

A breeze brushed her face delicately. She heard a voice in the breeze whisper her name, and she opened her eyes slowly. A man in a long black robe stood before her. “Come to me Jasmine.” She held out her arms, and he pulled her close to him. The heat from his body melting her own. He kissed her- first softly, then more passionately. “Do you wish to be immortal, oh beautiful witch?” He asked her. “Yes. Oh, yes.” She moaned softly. He held her tightly, drawing her even closer. He loosened her cloak from her throat, then bit into the creamy flesh of her neck.

A while later, after she awoke from a short rest- they walked towards a nearby brook. “You have been chosen to create and teach the chosen one. He is the one that shall bring order to our kind. But I must warn you- you will die before the year ends.” Jasmine nodded slowly. “I don’t mind. But how will I know who he is?” “He will come to you soon, on the 8th day of the 12th month, of the year 1313. He will be drawn by curiousity, bound to you by passion. You will know what to do.”

(Diary exerpt- Andre- Dec.7,1313)

There have been 13 deaths today alone. Nine of those were accused witches, the other four were vampires. All of this seems confusing to me, my 17 year old mind finds all of this brutality hard to grasp. Anthony seems to hate me. Father he is merely jealous, but I don’t think jealousy would cause the fire and rage that burns in his eyes. Perhaps it is because I courting Victoria, maybe he really is jealous. I will ask him tomorrow.

So the next day, Andre set out to do just that. He crossed the empty town square, and was soon at the door of Anthony’s house. He knocked on the huge wooden door, and as he did so, he began to feel uncertain about what he was doing. What was he going to say? Just then, he heard footsteps, then he was face to face with his rival. He, in no uncertain words, asked how he felt about him and Victoria. He answered, very bluntly, that they could both go straight to hell. He then abrubtly shut the door in the stunned boy’s face.

(Diary exerpt- Anthony-Dec.8)

Andre came to my house today. I let my anger overtake me. He asked how I felt about him an Victoria. Yesterday, Instead of going to church, I went to Jasmine’s house. It is rumored that she is a witch, but I do not believe such lies. She has promised that Andre will pay for stealing Victoria from me. Jasmine is so different from Victoria. Her beauty is pure, youthful, innocent, and only skin deep. She means nothing to me now. She is a dim flicker compared to Jasmine’s dark sensuality. I am meeting her tonight.

As dusk washed over the small town, two silhouetted forms left their houses. Andre watched as Anthony’s figure walked past- close enough to touch. He held in his breath. When he opened his eyes, the form was already headed towards the hill where the witch’s house sat. Whether from curiousity, or a feeling of obligation, he made his way up the poorly trodden path.

As Anthony disappeared into the house, Andre was having second thoughts. What am i doing? He was protecting his enemy, possibly from danger. He had gone of his own free will, or so it seemed. He sighed, and took off after him. He went to a nearby window, and looked inside. Inside, he could see the light of a fire. The light threw shadows upon the walls, dancing happily around the two figures in the center of the room. One was Anthony, the other was the witch. His eyes were closed, and he was in her arms. His head was thrown back, and she moved to his throat. The shadows from the fire casted strange lights, made things appear that simply could not be! Andre stumbled back, and started running down the hill, not caring if he fell. He felt himself going mad, and he began to yell. By the time he reached the village, the entire population was in the square, waiting for him. “The witch! She has Anthony! His eyes! THey were red!” He felt them all staring at him in disbelief, shaking thier heads sadly. Andre’s mother patted his shoulder, and led him to the house, and then to bed- telling him to sleep. He did feel tired. He went to his room, and opened the window for fresh air. He walked back to his bed and slept. But his sleep was plagued by strange dreams…