Okay, sometimes I may come across as rude. If I see something out of place and it’s a friend of mine, they will find out from me. It seems the only right thing to do.

Imagine, you are going to work. Walking into the office someone stops you and says, “Look down.” There is a maxi pad stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

What do you do?

Do you freak out so everyone can see it? or Do you thank them and take it off before anyone notices?

It isn’t hidden from anyone what’s going on. Everyone can see something wrong whether it is lint, food in your teeth, bad breath, the list goes on.

I remember one friend in particular that wanted to hang out with the gothics, but wasn’t picking it up too well. She could tell she was different and so could everybody else. A mutual friend is how we knew eachother. Sometimes being as I am she would appear simply industrial with me. However, in other circumstances people called her, “elf.” It was not pleasant or nice in anyway.

Another friend would sometimes try telling me about someone she met. I would say, “Did they have black hair and all dressed in black?” At the club this was a given. Think about it for awhile. I personally appreciate blondes, redheads and everyone together, but if there wasn’t a sign out front you should put it together.

Yes, everyone is different, but try to blend. As a friend, just letting you know.

When I’m doing my own thing, who cares, not me. But I know my colorfully striped sweater and plaid pants are not impressing any goths out there.