Friendships Last for a Life Tyme

Rose has just turned 16 and is plaing to take her friend on a trip to the country.Amanda,Steve,Jason,and Natalie all hop into Rose’s car.They start driving West into Ohio.They are going no pertickular place.But where they are headed,will give them great problems.

Rose pulls into a gas station that looks all desurted.The lights are out and there seems to be no people around.”Can’t we stop anywhere else?This place looks haunted!” silently muttered Amanda.”Oh please,you think the boogie man is coming to get you!”Answers back Jason.He walks up behind her and blows lightly on her neck juss enough to make the hairs stand up.He graspes her by her waiste and spins her around screaming “I got you…Grrr,I’m the boogie man!”A loud ringing comes from the distance.Jason lets Amanda go.All they see in the distance is black clouds.”What was dat?”Questioned Steve.Rose Answered”Ohh it was probally just a citys chruch,maybe we aren’t lost?”She smiles and starts walking up the hill to a building.Natalie runs after and leaves the other three behind.Hours go past and all they can find is a darkned building.”lets just leave,this place has nuthing here!” Jason said angryly.”That would be great if I could get the car to start working.Will you give me a hand,or do I have to do all the work?” Rose snaped back.They all pitched in to start the car and they worked it out.They were on their way again.”As soon as we find a town I want three hamburgers!” Jason whispered.Nuthing had happened at the gas station but that is were it found them.It seemed to be for ever before they found a quite city.Not much of a had dirt roads and a motel,a resturant called HoMicks,and some little houses.”Why can’t we end up in Vegas or somplace?” Steve said as he walked in with all the lugage.”God Natalie,How many suitcases can u have,I juss brought in 7!”Natalie was sitting on a pile of suitcases.”As many as I can get you to bring in the motel.”Steve laughs a little and shoves Natalie off the pile.As Natalie gets up Roses comes in the room”Okay,Do you guys want to get two rooms one with three beds.Or would you guys want to get all seperate rooms because we can’t all sleep in one room?”Jason walks up the stairs and says”Don’t tell me it’s going to be a boy room girl room thing now is it?”Rose smirks back at him”Well not if you want it to be?”They all walk up the curled stair way.”Hey Jason,You wanna bunk with me?”Amanda rubs up adginst him slightly.”Anyday babe.” Jason answers back.As everyone gets into the rooms.The rooms go dark and a scream harls through the halls.The lights dem back on.Amanda races into Rose’s room”Steve is missing,when the lights when out he juss desapered!”Rose begain to try and clam her down.”He’s probally juss playing a trick on us..but to be safe we’ll all juss sleep in one room tonite.”They all got cuddley.But they didn’t sleep long.They heard thumping all around them as if people were running around in the walls.”I don’t like this place,can we leave?”.”And go where?”Jason said.He was trying to make it seem like he wasn’t scared,but he was.Suddenly a body fell through the celing.It was steve.His face had been torn off.She was bleeding and certainly dead.They all begain to run downstairs towards the font door.As they were running down the stairs a long green arm reached out and scratched Natalie’s face.”Oh my god,It’s coming after us!”Jason glanced back”What is coming after us?”Amanda grabs Jason’s arm and screams”What ever killed Steve!There it is!”A huge black shadow was casting over the front door.”What Are we going to do?”Rose exclamed”I guess we’ll have to wait for morning.”Natlie yelled as she pushed they all into the spare room.”Lets juss break a window and get outta this place!”Jason said nerveously as he walked over to a window.They all walked over to where Jason was standing.Then suddenly the floor moved and they were falling down some type of a tunnel.

By Darkned Shadow

I guess my bio,would be about me..I hide how I feel and I juss need 2 get it out..threw my poems and lame storys...L8er