From Genesis to Nemesis

In the beginning
Rimmed with wind and storm
A great black wrath of infinite math
Spat snarling into form
And there was Heaven
Lit up with precious stones
Each one could fall, but for the rule
Of faith and love and stronger thrones

And therein rose vast wonders
Affections to be seen
Fathered from the plundered
Reflections of a dream

Fogging into nightmare
For My place was set
With wayward stars that absent, marred
All creation with their theft

In the beginning
Bewinged and ringed with dawn
This favoured Avator, enthralled
Swansongs from those that thronged this shore

With Gabriel and Michael
I shone with fierce intent
For loyalty, their joy to see
Me spur the hymns to Heaven sent

From sculptured lips of seraphim
Whom fate then cruelly rent
With sleight-fingered strains of harmony
Each note to grim portent

As grinning nimbus gathered
Over spires arabesque
For I blazed with holy praise
That for a jealous God was meant

Shinning Luceifer
Lustrous scourge of fallen spirits
Basked in glory, I flew
To lakes in sacred altitudes

Sweet haunting music swathed the breeze
With curling tounges that lapped my lead
As through thick mountain mist
I wandered cursed, with thoughts adrift

Until at last, past grasping trees
I paused to draught forbidden streams
That whispered siren promises
To drown my thirst for sports amiss

These waters held secrets
Like raped Russian dolls
Wherein evil and good
Tore My soul for control

Drunk with the verse of desires first words
The weight of the universe
Slunk in rehearesed

Horror in nunbers to great to discern
The rotting of worlds to the conqueror worm
And love, a rare orchid so fragile in bloom
Espied gasping breath, under dark sheeted moons

Shinning Luceifer
Reflected in a jaded mirror
Climbing from the noose
Of time in divine servitude

And thus a strange new melody
Of will and wanton fantasies
Whetted by the veiled, seen
Danced from my ashen lips
In red down scores, the silver scream
Of truth and Her deleted scenes
Was taken up as far, it seemed
As God, His words eclipsed

Those waters held visions
Like butchers in a war
Perverting the course
Of lifes blood evermore….

In the beginning
Skinned well with gibbous tones
Of countenance and ignorance
In equal measures sewn
A marbled arc of Angels
Sworn to the morningstar
Shared My pride and deep inside
Felt chill shadows sweep their cards


By KnightBlade

Lustrous scourge of fallen spirits