From Me To You


Every day seems to burn a deeper hole in side of me,
Cast out mutalated something for everyone to see,
Waiting for a sign a simbol so i can finally be free and be what i wanna be.
Every hour i feel another chunk of my heart break apart,
The way things should be in my mind arent but i gues it all goes back to the start.
Evert minuet takes my breath away,
I want to die alone and suffer less but thats ok i gues you never wanted it anyway,
Now i put all my trust in this blade to end it all take it to the grave,
Take it now hold it tight and thrust it in my neck with all of my might hope that it works so i will no longer be a slave.
Now down to evey second i feel my life pass me by its all over and done now i dont see why i ever tryd i gave you my heart and now ive died but i gues its better now cause i know you never cryd.
Now maybe you get the idea,
Life passed me by while what i wanted was so near,
Now its all so far away so this will be the last tear i shed today,
With a rope aroun my throat i think i hate you,
But then i realize it was all a mistake and that i made the same faults the ones that we all do,
So now i must tell you and when i speak it i say it soft alone the only words that are true,
when im gone you have to stay to live another day and know that

By ThorinTheLost

HehheH AnD YoU WaNnA KnOw WhY i KiLL PeOpLe