Standing here surrouned by white walls. They are closing in on me. The people put a straitjacket on me, I can’t move.
I try to block them out, but they wont leave me alone.

They finally give me a headache so I can’t hear them anymore. Pounding on my brain like they were trying to destroy it. The voices in my head got louder as I got angrier.
“Fuck you all” I said, “go fuck yourselves!” I took a deep breath and scratched the knife across my wrist. I am comfortd by the sight of my blood pouring out, dripping onto myself and the floor. I feel a relief.

I am dead. Only to find myself in the same room surrounded by the same white walls with the same voices in my head, stuck for all eternity.
I spent most of my life telling people to fuck off and to go fuck hemselves, but now I’m fucked, for all eternity. Was it really worth it?..
I guess I’m just a fuckface.

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By IgnoredRose

uh..I'm 15 from the ghetto in Boston,Mass. I am a high school student. I like dark things. I'm a bit eccentric. I'm unique, very open-minded. I'm bisexual. I have Blonde hair, blue eyes(unfortunatly). i'm 5'1' 110 um..so whatever. peace


  1. Yeah, whitewalls really suck don’t they.
    I tried to stay away from the straightjacket. Actyally they’re a bit of a luxury. Now they usually just srtap you down onto a hard, cold wood or matal “bed” in the room with the 5″ by 6″ window on the door. Creepy, man, creeeepy. That shit’ll drive you MAD!

    I know how it is. The release is always good, it’s the getting caught part that sucks.

    I’m a fuckface too. I think a lot of us are.

  2. i know exactly what you mean its driving you crazy and nobody understands even when they say they do. And when someone finally does they kil themselves.

  3. i understand this i feel the painof voices in my head sometimes

  4. hehehe, can’t we ever let those voices stop? just make them stop. tell them to shut the hell up. i am already fed up with the voices screaming at me, why does the voices in my head clamor for attention too?

    nobody understands. when they do, they’d lock you up, saying it’s for your own good. or they get themselves locked up for agreeing with you.

  5. the voices never stop do they? … mine dont… it’s scarey… but… worth it i think…

    …being in a strait jacket wouldn’t be so bad… then i’d just be constantly hugging myself… woo…

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