Fuck it All

A collaborative effort of Sacrifice Theory and MourningStar2002.

Posted with permission from the band Tears of Pain.

Fuck It All

Fuck the world, my so-called “friends.”
I just want the pain to end.
Fuck my parents.
My life’s a living hell.
Do anything you want,
I promise I won’t tell.

Lies and bull-shit words,
Fuck life, fuck everything.
Fuck my feelings, scars, and tears.
‘Cuz you don’t give a fuck.

Call me a pussy, say I’m afraid.
I don’t care, I’m tired of this fucking game.
Can’t you see this knife?
The one I’m holding to my throat?
Fuck it; you don’t care.
So why should I?

Fuck the way I look.
Go ahead and laugh, you fucking prick.
I’m the lowest of low,
‘Cuz you took everything I had.
Say you hate me now.
Say I’ll burn in hell.
You’re probably right,
But I won’t tell.

Fuck the word forever.
Fuck the thought of us together.
Fuck crying, ‘cuz you don’t care.
Now see the bloodstains in my hair.
Look at the blood down my arms,
And know that it’s because of you.
Fuck the rain that stings my wounds.
Fuck everything I wished for.


Fuck it all, fuck everything.
But most importantly,
Fuck you.