Funeral wedding..

Blurred footsteps marked her passage on the silent shore

On these sands of time that made her forevermore sore

But no longer can she bear this unearthly burden

And so on her life she decided to draw the curtain.

She had always carried in her heart a love so deep for the sea

For those waters so alive and full of wonder and mystery

For in her mind it was the home where tortured spirits dwell

Where peace was sought and gained. Not in heaven nor in hell.

The moon was full that night and the sea more raging than ever

With a strong wind of emotions, so cold it made her shiver

She had wore a beautiful bride’s gown for this unique occasion

For tonight, she was to be wedded to her beloved black ocean

She froze there in silence as if to bid the view a last farewell

To carve it on her soul before chimes the finishing bell

And though she’d seen it endless times, she still was under the spell

Of the magical aura that reigned and the secrets yet to tell

And finally the time came and a morbid requiem started to play

As she walked down the aisle heading to the infinite gray

And a step after the other the water hugged her deep

While a thunder broke the silence and the sky started to weep

She felt a sudden rush of adrenalin and her heartbeats as they race

But it all collapsed before the euphoria that offered this dark embrace

And on she went, never looking back to her regretful past

Forever joining the dark waves, hoping it would end fast

Then the sea so immense and so dark swallowed her whole

As its creatures rejoiced the gift of innocence they stole

Her dearest wish was granted, she was now an ocean soul

And to the atrocity of life she no longer has to fall

And since that night, was sensed an eerie change

Walkers nearby would notice something strange

For on every full moon, in the horizon one would see

A free dancing spirit rising from the shimmering sea…

By Obscurum-Astrum

I'm good at hurting people if you need any advice.