Generation Denied.

The current generation of Americans is a generation torn apart by bitter tags, and an undercurrent of cynicism. At the forefront of a new revolution is this subculture of “Goth”. A group tried, and persecuted for its sins against popular thought and idea, it is fast becoming the group for which radical changes are taking place.

First, one must examine American popular thought. Historically, this has revolved around two major bodies of power. These two bodies are the (false) church, and richer (political parties be damned) men. This is where the disgust created by hypocrisy and patronization begin to take place, and is where the first thought of revolution begin to spring.

Hypocritical dictatorship creates either two things: apathy or disgust. Both lead to revolution. The church has long been hypocritical (I will not blasphemize any religion, just the members of that religion that tend to be corrupt). A false and inaccurate belief system has come into play. One that degrades the very thing of which it stands.

The Alpha-Male standard which is one of the very basic principles of American society is dead. This is the turning point of the revolution. The Alpha-Male cannot reign supreme. A democracy cannot exist with them. Leaders are needed that listen, but do not patronize their constituents. This has not happened so far in this country, and there is no reason to believe that it shall in the near future.

What does this have to do with the Goth subculture? The rhythms of a soothing gentle breeze come into mind. A culture on the brink of self-destruction..intelligence valued, intelligence destroyed. As I previously stated, the Alpha-Male or Alpha-Female must cease to exist. The blending in of the subculture further subjugates culture to the whims of those who wish to destroy what they desire.

Will the revolution that is sure to come focus on the “Goth”? So many groups have been oppressed as well. It can be stated as decidedly so. Violence though is not the key. Civil Disobedience is not the key. The key is through the revolution of words, the revolution of private disenchantment in a society that destroys the chance for beauty. America has destroyed itself through suburbia. Long live Suburbia.


“Into the fire, I climb, henceforth, I burn.”