Get it over with

The world unfolded before my eyes
I found the most desperate thing
A lifetime of desolation
Glorified personas of desecration

Christ corrupted
We have built hell on the only chance at Happiness we were given
Looking on as we rape the minds of the innocent
Set the world on fire
Staring at the car wreck we call life
But nothing will be done
Public execution at five
Live suicide at eight…your children get in for Free….

Somewhere in the distance you can hear them scream
Scream for silence
Watch the babies on parade
Taunt the angels in their cage
Scream for salvation
From the messiah we invented
We’re all listening
Couldn’t help if we wanted
Traded morality for reality T.V.
Beat them blind and set them free to destroy
No-one chose to suffer
Yet no-one wants to help
Desensitized murderers
Defiant obedience
Tell me why the unbeaten path still leads to the same place?
There is nothing left to rebel against
We have destroyed it all
Fight for your right to writhe in the flames
Drown in your sorrows
That’s all we managed to hold on to
Procrastinating your final breaths
We are all masochists
The torture our ecstasy
Get it over with
Be a slave or perish
I’m through with this bullshit.

I’d like to know what you think…I know its not good….just some angry ranting on my behalf…..

By cAgEdAnGeL

"It is easier to stab someone in the back than look them in the eye...society is built upon this principle and is universal amongst those who rule" --Freidrich Nieztche