Get Out

How much pain can one person take
How many smiles can they fake
How many heartaches must they go through
Until they see the pain inside you..

You never let it out
But keep it bottled up inside
Never reveal whats bothering you
You choose to run and hide..

Listening to your conversations
Make you seem okay
But when they look in your eyes
They see the hurt you go through, day after day..

Nobody can help you, you wont let them
Your too scared to let it all out
Even thought your face keeps a smile,
Your heart, on the inside, shouts.

The silent cry for help
Drives you insane
But further into depression you fall,
And less and less you gain.

THe further you fall, the faster you go
Digging yourself in to a hole
You’ve cheated yourself and always take
FInally in the end.. you just cant escape

By *ƒorgotten jessie*

i'm jessie, ur not, so dont attempt to be or act lyke me. thank u. i hate: people who think they kno me, and attempt to understand the workings of my twisted mynd -nD- confouzing quotes and theorys of myne.