Give A Little

Detroit darkness in the snow
the life we lead is just so-so
the stench of death blood and hate
adds to the fears that won’t abate

the slums ghetto and rich communities
we’re lucky to have basic utilities
water heat electricity
all so rare in this great city

hard times befall my friends
living a nightmare that never ends
i feel so rich and filthy
when i see the despair and apathy

why are we all so greedy
can’t even spare a dollar for the needy
end this pain and suffering
if we all just did a small something…

To the bums on Cass Avenue, the drunks on Marlboro, and the rich fucks in Grosse Pointe.

By The Dying Euphoria

I may not be the average junk addict, seeing as I still have a few things going for me, but I'm a slave to heroin just the same. I'm a sad sight, no doubt, but that's the way life is, and you can't help it. So whatever you do, don't try and fuck with it. I like it when people e-mail me and reply to my posts, so please, speak your mind to me, if you wish. I have a blood, violence, and self mutilation fetish, so I'll spend a lot of time in the Erotica section, posting and reading. I write poetry, and I'll be posting thousands of poems. So please, check for my name often. If I disappear, well, I probably took my fetish too far...