Tonight I feel pretty good. There was a long time there, where some people were stalking me. Now it seems everything has dyed down and feeling a little safer. What to do to say, “Thank you” is pressing on my mind now? It only seems appropriate. Too bad, can’t really afford to do anything right now. It would probably take a couple years before doing anything at all.

Classes are going alright. There are the people at school that are still all big on it being “there school” like they are teachers or invest more in it running than tuition. Oh well, they still aren’t stalking me to my knowledge. Maybe they are, but they aren’t the same people as were stalking me before and that’s the point.

Working on my debit situation is taking a lot. Going to school full-time doesn’t leave a lot of money coming in to pay off credit cards. Went mad on using them when first moved down to Texas. I’ve never been in debt before my whole life. It has been difficult. Surely, there will be something I can do though to repay the somewhat oblivious favor. Was it to me? Was it to the people that I was trying to figure out how to get arrested or at least restraining orders on? Who knows. Still feeling slightly glowy in the feeling that some nut job isn’t following me around town whenever leaving the house.