God, Evolution, or abandoment

I am sitting at my computer wondering if there is a god a great powerful being watching from a distance judgeing us and then i think what if there is no god nothing judging us watching us that were just here to live like animals that have evolved into this

but i like that idea about the evolution because i dont like the idea of some one so powerful so perfect that doesnt make mistakes that judges us for every thing we do in are life time but then again what if there is a god but why doesnt he speak to us like a farther to his children maybe he has abandoned us left us to fend for each our selves so should we do what ever or have a farther figure watching and judging or maybe he is not watching

By StAinEd PaNTs

believes that no religions are true and likes 2 hang out with friends an smoke blunts and likes 2 meet new people