god’s tv

at the beginning of times, human race has been clasified as evil not for free, we are some kind of beasts who act wild to get our targets without caring about what we may take in the way, thoughtless actions, rage does carry our fait like if we didn’t have reasons. they let corrage to take over their mouth and spit on everyone around about their own misery, why should we always act like we couldn’t trust ourselves?

from this some creepy questions about human nature and its existence is why we must always blame it on someone else, creating all kind of magnificent being to justify our lives. that so called god we made ourselves just to have something to relay on but, if there were such a thing as a god, that powerful energetic creator of ours, capable to make us creaures and even our place to be, this beins at all semejance and perfection as they call themselves… how loving our father is he must let shit happen to his beloved creations? why does he let us be the way we are? what must we do to make him happy? we are all just tha human network living in a perfectly created set we like to call world just for his entertain, made for his eternal fun like a canned riot beins for his lamer time, his ephimerous laugh… to become a lifetime big brother to him, our father, our loved father… we are god’s fave show, aren’t we? we should try harder not to make him mad cause if he does, we are doomed.
this is why i do not want to believe because if i do, then he woulkd owe me the rest of times, alot of explaining to do, he must give me an answer. i donnot want to be a sheep carries away by some fucks controlling my mind, not just a number in the count of his imagination, he must take care of us as we do to the people we love, what he has done with us, this fucked up world full of hate and envy waiting for blood. this hungry rotten place we are forced to live in, searching for weed to fill the boyds, i will not be another one of his victims, i am not supposed to suffer his twisted moods, so far it meant nothing for me. will he ever come fix these? surely he will not, that’s not his style… this is my quote of the day.

By Freaker Girl

i wish i die young so i dont have to stand this shit for long time


  1. ok i seee ur point but the reason that so many people are fucked up is because they share your same views. if people that feel that way would just believe for the sake of believing then the world would not be so fucking screwed up. god does not have to prove himslef to a hateful little person such as yourself. dont get me wrong i have felt the same way in my life but you have to forget your hate and believe. just because you dont believe in god doesnt mean he doesnt believe in you.

  2. well…thats kind of an(other) interesting theory…

    I myself dunno what and how to believe…i somehow do want to believe in god, though I do not really know why…maybe just because of my parents, because of some kind of sense of life…dunno…

    I had an idea once:
    Taking the bible: God created us, this world and everything… He gave us this world as a present, as well as our general existence and a free will. Well…guess thats quite a bunch…though still his biggest present may be his love (and love in general). Now humanity has over time ever more and more lost him, treated earth like shit and stopped returning his love. He tried to forgive us and repair our faults (like by cleansing earth with the big flood, etc)… Well, this means humanizing god, but what would you do, if sb you love…love as deep as … cant be imagined, love this sb/sth as your only purpose of existence. You gave “him” life and a world to reign… but he simply leaves you and treats all your presents like shit…how would you react? How does every normal human react? And just because God is a god, why shouldnt he retreat? I could image him having great pains! He gave us the love we feel and feels just the same love, so why not? We where created as the spitting image of God, so why shouldnt he react in the same way we do, when sb we love treats us this way… I hope I didnt write this in a too confusing way.

    On the other hand, many people are helped by believing in God! And whether he exists or not, if it can help ppl and do good, why not? It somehow seems like ppl simply need to belive in sth like (a) god, has been like this forever, until the last few hundrer years… Well, if you simply believe in (a) god (or more or what) because you think itll help you, well, guess that wont… like Placebo-effect ?! 🙂
    Id like to state sth from a good film about this, but I cant really remember it…wait…
    Ppl were arguing about the existence of God and a mad guy turned up and said: “Why do you ask whether God exists or not?! Havent you ever thought about the question whether the human being exists or not??!”…hm…thats just the beginning, the best comes…ill simply watch the part again and post it here 🙂

    Well…enough, i guess

    Good nite

  3. i lost my faith in God a long time ago. I was brought up in a very strict religious background and somewhere along the way i decided i didn’t care. I was afraid to turn aside from my religious pathways coz i was taught that if i turned aside from God i would die when armaggeddon came. Big wow. I used twisted logic to realise that i would rather spend one life on this earth doing what i wanted when i wanted to do it than pretenting to believe in an unbelieveable diety. I’m happier now than i’ve ever been. woo hoooo, so fuck god. who cares


  4. ahhh
    im feeling to give my opinion so just bear with it.
    i have a questian…
    how could a god who gives unconditional love
    only love you if you make him happy…
    if you dont sin….
    if ure not “bad”
    answer me this…
    no one that i know can.
    its nice to have something to believe in..
    because everybody wants to know that they have something to depend on…
    i think all the different religions and beliefs and everything
    are all just different ways to the same place…
    because no matter what happens we’re all going to end up in the same place anywayz…coz i dont think theres anywhere else to go….
    so ill just continue to live my life
    fuck everybody else
    the “self righteous”
    the “good” and their “right” religions
    theres being the “only way to god”
    im alright the way i am.

  5. dah, actually i want to answer that my way you know. nature makes us animals for hunt, perhaps our own imagination has to do with their beliefs about recarnation and bullshit. we still the same irracional creatures since the beginning though now we pretend to be thoughtful and controled over our instincs, i really donnot believe i am a sinner just for doing what i want to do, i follow my nature, if can bring me somewhere i’d be happier than now, actually i dont care , why should i? it takes nowhere, i try to find some healing from this fucked up world i am forced to live in, with its ups and downs, i reach for my wealth with no remorse for being the way i am, some may say i am a bad person for acting real, i just dont give a fuck… once i believed on god, i sought his way but so far i can feel me for first, i am free at last, if i screw it i’ll be my own regrets

  6. It’s the human way to do what we wanna do, free-will, don’t be mad flow with it, because time is short.

  7. god is an excuss. we blame him and his advicary for everything that happens. the blind man walks into a busy street.
    and it happens for a reason. god’s plan is a lie and i feel sorry for those who need to believe in something. believe in yourself and no one else, for they will all let you down.

  8. so the fact is there is no shit on not believing, it takes guts to say how you feel about this, i so agree to the ppl who doesnt give a fuck about anything, i try to get to that point of my life cuz then i’d got nothing to lose, i’d reach happyness so easier. and as you say pharoah, time is short so we better enjoy ourselves instead of worring about how we will get punished for taking control over.

  9. I don’t think god’s an excuse really. more of a lifeline – something to cover up the holes in our own ability.
    ‘God’ is everything we can’t explain any other way, and the more we learn, the closer we become to rejecting his existence. But the truth is we’ll never know everything, and since there’s no such thing as inexplicable, we gotta attribute it to something, right?

    What’s the harm in having faith in something outside yourself? If you only believe in yourself then you’ll be very lonely, and what do you do when you fail? Lose hope completely?

    Nah … we gotta accept that theres some shit out of our reach. And thats where the word ‘God’ comes in.

    Personally I don’t bother worrying about god, mortality, life or the universe.
    Why not just get on with your own life, see if you can’t make your own fate somethin interesting, without worrying if some guy with a beard is watching the ride?

  10. My view…
    god was something brought in by the cult of christianity, to instil fear and power, and to give hope to those that dont believe in themselves.
    Satan is mans excuse for his mistakes, his flaws, his bad deeds (or sins)
    I do not believe in the christian god as there is immense hypocrisy in the religion, and the expectations i find unrealistic. how can god be all-forgiving if there is a hell?
    I refuse to waste a huge part of my life in church, praying to god, performing gods tasks, bla bla, if i then die and find out THERE IS NO GOD. Then I would feel really stupid.
    religion is positive for some people, i will agree, other times it borders on psychosis.
    For example… in new zealand last year a man (a reverand) believed that his wife was possessed by an evil spirit, thus him and his followers performed an exorcism, during which the wife was killed. (this was all recorded on video) They then began to perform a resurrection ceremony, which was interrupted several days later by the police.
    This man stood up in front of a courtroom and asked the court for more time as the resurrection would soon be successful, and would have already had it not been interrupted by the police.
    Religion or Insanity?

  11. Freaker Girl…i have the same theory but when he gets bored of us he will wipe of the table and start over…he let jesuss on earth to show use how to be because he wanted a utopia thats all i gots to say


  12. well i feel like shit right now, everything i got so far is vanished so sudden, i rather take responsability for being this antisocial but now it is not, i really efford on talking to ppl who doesn’t understand what i say. they just dont give a fuck about me, not even my closest “friends” are thereto listen, i am fading slowly again but this time could be different, this time i really tried my best to not fall into that once more though it begins to tear infront of my eyes, i cannot trust a thing outside what i know, i am so fucking scared about myself today, you know that times you do think is over for good, i cant stop it and that is why i wrote this piece, moments i recall everything i have been through and no one was aroundto care, this is who we are… i hate god for what he is constantly doing to me, when i felt secure about things and is all gone. blah blah i am too wasted right now here, i should better be cutting myself out .

  13. hahaha, i love you guys comments, their all so..interesting….unique…different.
    im gonna have to agree with darkchaos on this one though. okay, so if there is a god, then and he loves you even if you dont believe in him, interesting, god loves ME. yet, god…hasnt done anything for me? god wasnt there when i got the shit beat out of me for trying to stop my dad from beating my mom? my point is, people need something to believe in, when something good happens, all the dumbasses out there say its because of god, yet when something really bad happens, why dont we say thats because of god? its just a matter of people need faith, and if god is real he will destroy us all soon enough. everyday thousands of so called “christians”, commit adultery, steal, lie, cheat, kill..etc. and yet they say that they believe in god? if god does exist he is just waiting for the perfect time to destroy us. but hey, what do you lose if you believe in god and it turns out he isnt real? nothing. your only loss is you wasted most your life believing in a lie. in my opinion, there is no god, we evolved, evolution theory. so if there is a god, were all gonna die soon enough, if there isnt, were all still gonna die soon enough, either way, we all die…

  14. well freaker girl and any one else i am here to read and post by the day!!


  15. I’m what you call a lost Catholic. I guess I still believe in God, but I don’t believe really strongly. I don’t think of God as an excuse or as a lifeline. I don’t really, well, I don’t know. I believe in God, but more I guess as someone for comfort when no one else will listen. I mean if he’s not real, then, well, there’s no harm in having an imaginary friend to talk to. lol.

    Crying Rain

  16. right well. what can i say? i’ve already wrote everything on my mind about this but i feel need to answer what you write about , anyway: crying rain i was once like you, lost “catholic” for a try, all my family is, they do believe in god and stuff but they didnt go thru what i did so they dont understand, they keep telling me i am uncapable to decide whats been told, that i am a satanic and shit for not thinking like they do but i dont give a fuck whatever ppl say.
    also i have lots of imaginary friends to talk to cuz actually i dont trust ppl about important issues, those crazy friends i got in my head donot have to be everything i believe in, i just talk to them to take a break, some relief from myself.

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