Thinking out loud, here, but I never got why the term “japanimation” was considered insulting, bordering on racist. It’s just a combination of the words “Japan” and “animation.” I don’t see anything pejorative, there. But people say it’s offensive and we don’t want to offend, so we’ll go with the accepted “anime” instead. If it’s comics we’re talking about instead of animation, then it’s called “manga.” But don’t refer to it as “main-ga,” because that’s supposed to be offensive too, according to an otaku friend of mine. (Otaku = hardcore manga or anime fanboy.) It should be pronounced “mahn-ga.” I fail to see the big deal, but then I’m not an otaku, so what do I know?

ANYway, there’s going to be a Godzilla anime series, which is fantastic news for otaku and non-otaku Godzilla marks. Considering Godzilla is a Japanese property, it’s surprising that they never got around to making a Gojira anime before now. (“Gojira,” as everyone should already know, is the Japanese form of ‘Godzilla.” The way the word is pronounced in Japanese sounds like the latter, hence the Americanized spelling.) The news series, to be titled GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET, is set 20,000 years in the future, when humans have abandoned Earth and it is overrun by kaiju. So Godzilla is immortal. We probably should’ve already figured that one out.