Godzilla Defies Physics. As If That Is News.

Brace yourselves. I have some news that will undoubtedly come as a great shock. You might want to sit down before you read beyond this point. Got your ass in a chair? Okay, here goes: Godzilla, King Kong, and other kaiju are not physically and biologically plausible. That means they can’t really exist in our world. I know, I know. Mind-blowing. Apparently, though, there are some people who don’t realize this. Or more precisely, there are those who think that there are some people who don’t realize it and thus need someone to explain it to them. Hence this article:

I’m sure they also have articles planned to explain to readers that water is wet and fire is hot.

If you aren’t familiar at all with the law of physics, the reason living things can’t get that big in our world is because of gravity. A creature that size would collapse under its own weight, on land. Even in water, where there is buoyancy, there seems to be a limit. The article focuses on the stresses that a blue whale’s heart undergoes when it dives and surfaces. This doesn’t account for water-breathing animals, though, which would not be under such constraints. It also fails to take into account a secondary energy source, like having a biological equivalent of a nuclear reactor in your torso. So it really doesn’t prove anything, then, does it?

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