I sometimes think I do believe in the Cosmic Trickster, aka the Trickster God. This being is not to be confused with the Supreme Being, God Almighty. But you know those incidents where an image of the Virgin Mary will appear on a piece of toast, or the likeness of Jesus will appear on a billboard advertising spaghetti? Skeptics will be quick to point out that our brains are hardwired to recognize patterns, faces in particular; that’s why we can so easily make out animal shapes in clouds. This, however, does not change the fact that those billboards and pieces of toast DO look an awful lot like Jesus, or the Holy Mother, or whomever. (Curiously, did you know that in predominantly Muslim countries there is a similar phenomenon? It is considered taboo in Islam for there to be any depictions of God or the Prophet Mohammed, but you will sometimes have the Arabic word for God appear in clouds or inside fruits or the like.) Because I cannot believe that God would choose to reveal Himself by appearing in such a manner instead of, say, curing childhood cancer, it makes me wonder if the Cosmic Trickster isn’t up there having a little fun with us while God is handling all the big stuff. Now I have a new piece of evidence to support this theory.

Check out this piece of pizza that looks just like Godzilla.

I rest my case.